Delivery Area Manager (Full-Time)

  • Is self-employed running their own delivery business under the Go4Me brand using Go4Me’s restaurant delivery software and technology. 
  • Will choose a set of core chain restaurants to deliver from (e.g. McDonalds, KFC)
  • Is responsible for completing all deliveries from their chosen restaurants.
  • Sets their own menu prices, delivery charges and operating hours.
  • Receives payments directly from the customer and pays Go4Me a weekly membership fee of £15 plus a small commission on each order completed.
  • Has the ability to add local restaurants to the Go4Me website (e.g. Local independent chip shops or curry houses) with their consent
  • Can recruit and pay Delivery Drivers if required.
  • Manages enquiries from customers and provides support to Delivery Drivers
  • Should promote the service via social media, local advertising etc.